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Poker Tournament Manager app for iPhone and iPad

4.9 ( 7409 ratings )
Games Entertainment Card
Developer: Code.Singularity
4.99 USD
Current version: 1.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 11 Sep 2008
App size: 1.13 Mb

Enhance your home poker experience by managing your weekly poker night with your iPhone! Poker Tournament Manager provides you with everything you need to organize buy-ins, blind levels, statistics and so on. You manage your hand, we manage the rest!


- easy to use, step by step tournament setup
- add players to your game either manually or directly from your address book
- manage your players in a favorites list and monitor their performance in the statistics view
- save and load your tournaments
- assisted customization of blind and ante structures
- limit rebuys by time and/or quantity
- blind timer sounds each level change and break
- tap anywhere on the screen to reset the optional bet timer
- customizable pay-out structure
- Quick-Start mode for fast game setup
- usable in portrait and landscape mode


Q: What will happen on interruptions like phone calls?
A: By default, the timer keeps running. You can disable this behavior by unchecking “Proceed on interruptions” in the Options-Screen.

Q: Will my phone lock/sleep during a game?
A: No, it won’t.

Pros and cons of Poker Tournament Manager app for iPhone and iPad

Poker Tournament Manager app good for

I downloaded this App and think it is well worth the money! If you play regular pick up poker games and dont want to get out the laptop to organize a blind timer this is the perfect App for you. Easy to use and great menu layout. The display can also be shown in standard or landscape mode. The only thing is I cant figure out how to display changing payouts with rebuys while viewing the blind timer. You can keep track of player statistics from your contacts and also save your tournament settings. The greatest feature is you can use other iPhone tools like take calls and ipod and the timer wont stop.
This program has got some useful features for ours home poker evenings: • erasing tournaments • naming players • statistics • setting blinds to custom values On the other side it could have got two more options: • add on • help function • second alarm a little time before changing blinds
Let me start off by saying that I AM NOT the developer of this app. Im just a guy whos been looking for a good poker tourney app since the app store opened. Up until now I have been extremely disappointed. There was one that wasnt customizable. There was one that would stop if the phone rang. I even downloaded one that didnt keep accurate time. Thats right a timer that couldnt keep time, I swear! When I saw this one today I almost didnt buy it. I mean, its 4 bucks. Not 1.99 like most of the others. Let me tell you, if I had bought this one first I probably would have saved $10 by not buying those other garbage apps. Even the alarm is almost loud enough. It does EVERYTHING I need and it does it well and it does it simply. PERFECT!!! Thank you.
This is exactly what it should be! Does everything you want a tourney manager to do, and does it well. Even covers antes, variable payouts - all with flexiblity for the user. Well thought out in terms of function with the iPhone. Well worth the $4 for sure!!
I am a big fan of poker and always have been. if there has ever been something to help you set up a tournement well this is it. this app does everything youd expect it to do and then some. its pretty much fully customizable. great app!
Great job developer, great app Please please please change it so u can chosee between percentages to typing in a amount to the winners. In my games, we dont want to give someone like 50cents. Please change and then this will be the 1# app! P.s. Please

Some bad moments

Very nice, however I rated low because I cant use it. The blind timing are the same for all of them and no way to have various ones. The breaks are set by time vice blind level. And Pay-out do not round up to 1/5/10 etc...Fix those and you get a five.
I am an avid poker player, playing a home game about once per month for the past 5-6 years. The host house rotates and I got tired of lugging around my laptop with my program for managing the game. I thought I would try an app for the iPhone. I downloaded this one and knew I had made a mistake as soon as I tried to set it up. While a time or interval can be set for the blinds, the time is set for all blinds, regardless of blind amount or amount of people in the game. In our games, the blind time will be longer in the beginning, while there are more people in the game, and will progressively get shorter as the blinds increase and people are knocked out. This keeps the game moving at a decent pace. The lack of being able to set the time for each blind individually is a huge weakness and makes this application worthless to me.
Had this app for over 6 months now and no updates whatsoever. Could be a great app if the developer actually supported the people paying 5$ for the app
Ive had this app for several years and have not had a problem with it till the iPhone 5. Had no problems when I used it with the 3G I had and would have given it 5 stars. Its a very useful timer, but Since switching to the 5, the app does not run in the background so I cant check messages while the timer is running, if I do I have to completely restart the timer from the beginning. Also, it does not support landscape mode with the iPhone 5. If its updated to address those issues, Id be more than happy to change to a 5 star rating. App has not been updated at all in several years.